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These are our special one of a kind events!
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Energetic Healing for Pets and their People
Sunday August 19th 12:30-5pm

Energy Healing can be described as a holistic approach to assist in return to good health and ease (as opposed to dis-ease). Energy healing provides an effective non-invasive way to re-balance the energy field.

Pets are particularly rewarding to work with because they simply tell you what they want. Sometimes they feel discomfort because of a change in their environment, a new member of the family, or maybe a physical illness. Helping pets usually gives their people a sense of relief as well.

Energy work with you or your pet can be done in person, and you are welcome to bring animal companions with you to the store or alternatively the work can be done remotely (bring a photo clearly picturing the animal), both are equally effective.

Cost is $40 for each 20 min. session & $60 for each 30 min. session
Appointments available, Walk-ins welcome!

Energetic Healing done by Deborah Forrest of Harmony Heath and Healing. An energy healer for more than 25 years and a licensed hypnotherapist for 8 years, Deborah has learned many modalities to help people and their pets return to wellness, and give them a sense of calm.

For more information about Deborah please visit:
Saturday July 7th 10am-5pm
20th Anniversary Harry Potter Book Release Day
June 26th 11am-7pm  

Help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beloved boy wizard with a book release for the 20th anniversary editions! 

Each book is priced individually from $12.99- $16.99, books will be available for pick up on 6/26/18. There will be a very limited quantity of books,first come, first served.

For 1 day only, we will also be offering a 25% discount on ALL of our Harry Potter themed merchandise- clothing, wands, jewelry and more! (books excluded).
July 7th 10am-6pm & 8th from 11am-7pm
​Public Lammas Summer Solstice  
Ritual Celebration
Saturday July 28th 6pm
~All are welcome~
Come early to shop, store closes at 6pm!
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Guided Meditation Series
with Deborah Forrest

This will be a 4 part weekly series, each session is a separate event, attend one or all!

Participants are welcome to bring a blanket, pillow, or yoga mat to be comfortable lying down during the meditation; a snack to eat either before or after the session; and a journal to write down your experiences after the meditation. 

There will be discussion before and after the meditation.
(Class size will be limited to just 8 participants/week)
Cost is $25 per session, 2 hour session runs weekly 
MUST pre-register& pay in advance!

7/22   2:00-4:00pm 

Relaxation & Stress Relief
This session gives you the opportunity to take a vacation from the everyday stress and strain of life. You'll be able to relax, giving your body the chance to let go and unwind and giving your mind the chance to explore possibilities outside of the ordinary day to day routine.

7/29-  2:00-4:00pm

 Each one of us can benefit from healing in the physical, emotional, spiritual and enteric bodies. This meditation will help you balance and heal that which needs to be returned to the natural state of ease.

8/5 -  2:00-4:00pm

Gratitude Meditation
 It's so easy to get caught up in all the distractions of life that we often forget to simply stop and give thanks for what we have, for our relationships, our jobs, our gifts and our life. This meditation gives you the opportunity to pause and reflect on all that is.

8/12 -  2:00-4:00pm

Finding your Sacred Space
 Find a place of peace and exploration and perhaps receive some guiding information in this meditation session as you relax and journey to your sacred space.

Led by Deborah Forrest of Harmony Heath and Healing
An energy healer for more than 25 years and a licensed hypnotherapist for 8 years, Deborah has learned many modalities to help people return to wellness, give them a sense of calm, and help them become their best self. 

For more information about Deborah please visit:
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