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These are our special one of a kind events!
 For a list of our regular Classes & Workshops click HERE
CBMC Public Samhain Ritual Ceremony
Saturday October 28th 6pm FREE

Come celebrate the turn of the wheel with this all ages, family friendly event 
Hosted by the Covenant of the Blue Moon Church
SOLD OUT-Conversations with Your Guides Seance'
Sunday October 29th 6-10pm $50

We invite you to a special after hours event where we will channel your spirit guides for a private conversation.

We will have a brief discussion at the beginning 
of the event about the method of communication and how to safely use it as well as a brief intermissions during the event where refreshments will be served.

Participants may bring a guest to observe/ take notes for them. Please bring a notepad, pen, and a few questions for your guides.

 Cost to participate is $50 and you MUST register and pay in advance by 10/23
SOLD OUT-Haunted Evening Tea Party
Saturday October 28th 7-9pm 

​Dress in your witchy finest and join us for an evening of haunted happenings!

$20 single/$35 couple 

We'll be serving up a traditional tea, with catered food, treats, ghost stories & divination fun! 

Black pointy hats optional.
SPACE IS LIMITED particpants
MUST register in advance by Friday 10/20/17
Wonderland Tea Party
Saturday November 11th 1-2pm 

​“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”
“You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Join us for Wonderland themed tea party! 
Costumes encouraged, we'll have a backdrop for photos :)

$20 single

$35 couple 

We'll be serving up a traditional tea, with catered food, treats & wonderland fun! 

SPACE IS LIMITED and participants MUST register in advance by Friday 11/4/17
Nightmare Before Christmas Tea Party
Sunday December 10th 
1-2pm SOLD OUT
and 3:30-4:30pm SOLD OUT

"What's this?
The monsters are all missing
And the nightmares can't be found
And in their place there seems to be
Good feeling all around
Instead of screams, I swear
I can hear music in the air
The smell of cakes and pies
Are absolutely everywhere...
What is this?"

Join us for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tea party! Costumes encouraged, we'll have a backdrop for photos :)

$20 single/$35 couple 

We'll be serving up a traditional tea, with catered food, treats & oogie boogie fun! 

SPACE IS LIMITED and participants MUST register in advance by Friday 12/2/17
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Ever wondered what your dreams mean? Sweet Dream Group
Tuesdays  5:30 to 6:30 PM
Beginning November 7th
$20 per week

In this group, you will discover how to share dreams and in that process understand more about your dreams. The dreamer can stop the process at any time. This sharing technique has been used with people of all ages and abilities in college classes, at conferences, in spiritual groups, in businesses, and in assisted living facilities. You will learn how to share your dreams in a safe comfortable manner that can also be fun. The sharing of dreams has a long history that spans cultures worldwide.

Dreams have transformed lives in many ways. Dreams can be used to solve problems and have inspired famous visual artists, writers, musicians, inventors, and scientists throughout history. Dreams have warned people of car accidents they were then able to avoid. Dreams have urged people to visit their doctor so they were able to treat illnesses early. Dreams have even changed history. 

Heather Dawn holds an MA in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University and a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University. She focused on dreams and humanistic psychology. She does not interpret your dream for you. She is not a therapist. She teaches you how to find meaning in your own dreams. She has several years of experience facilitating dream groups and will be presenting a different aspect of dream research each week at the beginning of the group.
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Saturday October 28th 10-6pm
We're celebrating our 13th year in business with a good ol' fashioned witchy Halloween party! Feel free to dress in costume, pointy black hats optional.

Goody Bags filled with freebies to the first 25 customers, while supplies last!

Special Sales (one day only) you'll have to come in to find out!

Adult only Trick or Treating (sorry kiddos)- You'll not only receive a delicious treat, you will also receive a discount of 13-50% off your entire purchase!

Prize Drawings (no purchase necessary for raffle)

Free Classes- see list below

Performance Art Entertainment

Food, Drinks & Fun!

How to Use a Pendulum: Alysa Taylor will show you the best way to choose a pendulum and how to test it for accuracy. 12:30pm

Moonology: a quick intro to the history of the moon. How to use the moon cycles and tides for your favor. 1:30pm taught by Danielle Davidson

Herbs of the Season: Samhain. A brief introduction to five common Witches herbs and their magickal uses during this haunting season. 2:30pm taught by Mimi Levenson

Spiritual House Cleaning: Learn how to use common household items to cleanse the negative energies from your home. 3:30pm taught by Angela Crescent Moon

HOOP DANCING at 5:30pm (LED, outdoors) with Shanice Snyder

**After closing there will be a Samhain ritual at 6pm hosted by the Covenant of the Blue Moon, see separate event**