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Upcoming Classes & Workshops
At Crescent Moon Gifts, we offer classes and workshops on a variety of topics. 
Our instructors are professional, friendly and knowledgeable; our classes are designed for both beginner and advanced students alike.

To register, just click the button next to your desired class! 
**If it is within 24 hours of that class please call the store to register**
Want to teach a class or host a workshop?
Info available HERE
Thursday 7/19  House Clearing and Blessing 5:30-6:30pm $20

Taught by Mari Beckman, a professional psychic, medium and intuitive healer.
Do you have an extra tenant in your house? Are you hearing, sensing and "seeing something" in your house or around you? We will discuss how to clear energies and spirits from the home, cut cords as well as bless homes and spaces

Saturday 7/21 Intro to Palmistry 12:30-1:30pm $10 (Alysa)

Have you ever wanted to know some Palm reading secrets, tips, or basics? Well now is your chance, join Alysa in an afternoon class of Palm reading! She will show you the basics and a little more. You may not be a pro after this class, but you will be fun at a party! You will also gain a better insight to the people around you, as well as yourself.

Saturday 7/21 Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guide & Power Animal 2:30-5pm $25

Participants should bring:
* Journal and pen for writing
* Bandana or other eye covering
* Yoga mat to lay upon with a blanket/pillow for warmth/comfort
(class size will be limited to 8). 
Shamanic drum controls the heart rate to put each participant in trance - even folks who have difficulty being hypnotized!
Having a deeply spiritual experience is guaranteed! 2-1/2 hour guided shamanic journey, led by Tami Jackson (SunTiger)

Sunday 7/21 Guided Meditation for Relaxation & Stress Relief 2:00-4:00pm $25 (Deborah) see description and register here

Wednesday 7/25 Understanding & Healing Spiritual Illness 5:30-7:00pm $15 (Roman)

Join Roman as we delve into the connections between our Body, Mind and Soul.
In the perspective of spiritual healing, no illness stands alone. There are lessons to understand within everything. This class will speak of the most common illnesses that can be experienced at a soul level, and their meaning as well as advice for treating the soul! Come learn about subjects such as:
Illness and spiritual initiation 
Illness and spiritual awakening
The evil eye
Power Loss
Soul Loss
Soul theft
Spiritual Codependency
Emotions and Energy blocks
and various others.

Thursday 7/26 Pagan Men's Mysteries 5:30-6:30pm $15 (Daniel)

Sometimes it is hard for Pagan men to find information on the masculine mysteries of the path. This class will help men connect with their inner God, learn about the masculine Deity energies of the craft and give them the tools to empower themselves. Join Daniel for an evening of powerful connection and ritual.

Saturday 7/28 "World Love Tour" Demeter Planting Ritual 4-5pm donation (ATC Church of Wicca)

Saturday 7/28 Lammas Ritual Open to the Public 6pm (Triple Goddess Coven) FREE

Sunday 7/29 Guided Meditation for Healing 2:00-4:00pm $25 (Deborah)  see description and register here

Thursday 8/2 Cleansing Sacred Space with Smudge and Sound 5:30-7pm $15 (Rebekah)

Cleansing Sacred Space and Auric Fields with Smudge and Sound
Smudging and sound have been used for thousands of years to shift energy. Used for grounding, cleansing sacred space and self-care; vibrational sound and smudging help support the centering we need so often in our busy lives.
Topics will include:
Brief History of smudging and vibrational sound
Making a Sacred Smudge Bowl
Various herbs that can be used
How to use smudge and sound for cleansing and blessing sacred space
Auric Body and self-care 
Each participant will take home a small bundle of Lavender and Sandalwood
Hosted by: Rebekah Rosand, Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Saturday 8/4 Using Runes in Magick 2:30-4:30pm $25 (Tami)

Super charge your magick with Runes!
Please familiarize yourself with the Norse Rune alphabet before coming class. Here you'll learn how to use that ancient divination and spiritual system to:
*Learn quick spells and vocal conjuring
*Magnify the power of candle burning magick
*Get more results with your meditative practice
* Learn how to draw quick and powerful spells in the Earth/sand
* Learn some Rune history
* Practice casting the Rune stones
* Understand how to make binding runes (for multiple purposes)... and much more!
WHAT TO BRING: Your own set of Runes, a sacred cloth or bandanna for casting stones. Notebook and pen

Sunday 8/5 Guided Meditation for Gratitude 2-4pm $25 (Deborah) see description and register here

Friday 8/10 Monthly Drum Circle 6:30pm-7:15pm Free (Daniel)

Friday 8/10 Monthly Pagan Meetup 7:30-9pm Free (Angela & Daniel)

Saturday 8/11 Empowered Women's Monthly Circle 2-4pm (ages 16+) by donation

Sunday 8/12 Custom Dragon Drawings w/ Rob 12pm-5pm $100 Call 253-572-8339 for appointment!

Sunday 8/12 Guided Meditation for Finding Your Sacred Space 2-4pm $25 (Deborah) see description and register here

Wednesday 8/15 Ancestral Magic 101 5:30-7pm $15 (Roman)

Back By Popular Demand!!
Come meet your Ancestors: Flesh of your Flesh,Blood of your Blood, Bone of your Bone! 
In this workshop you will be introduced to the first step of working magic with the dead: working Ancestral Magic. 
Topics covered will include: 
Who are the Ancestors 
The Ancestors vs the dead( the difference) 
Ancestors and Spirit Guides 
Why work with them? 
Psychic Abilities: What is your gift?
The Ancestral altar 
How to set an Ancestral Altar up 
Maintaining the Ancestral bond 
Ancestors and illness 
Releasing those not at peace
Healing Ancestral Patterns 
Healing Generational Curses 
And much more... 

Thursday 8/16 Mediumship & Psychometry 5:30-6:30pm $20 (Mari)

Taught by Mari Beckman a professional psychic, medium and intuitive healer.
She works with many masters, guides and intergalactic beings. In this class she will detail her process and ways in which she receives information from the other side through objects, names, dates and pendulum. 
Please bring an object such as a piece of jewelry, a photo or just the name of the individual you would like to contact. 
Each person will receive a reading and tips on how to better connect with the spirit realm. You will have fun!

Saturday 8/18 Guided Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guide & Power Animal 2:30-5pm $25 (Tami)

Sunday 8/19 Energetic Healing for Pets & their people 12:30-5pm $40-60 (Deborah)

Wednesday 8/22 An Evening with Santa Muerte 5:30-7pm $15 (Roman)

Back By Popular Demand!
Roman Delgado will be parting the veil of myth and mystery about Mexico’s Saint of Death: Santa Muerte! Come learn her background, symbolism and magic! As she is regarded as one of the most compassionate spirits in Folk Magic traditions! The champion and patron of the oppressed and the outcast! 
What is myth and what is reality about Saint Death, and why has it become one of the fastest growing religious movements of modern history?!

Monday 8/27 Working w/ Sound + Healing 5:30-7pm $15 (Sandra)

This class is suitable for everyone, no experience necessary.
**PLEASE BRING any SOUND INSTRUMENTS you have (singing bowls, drums, rattles) to this class, if you do not have any we weill have extras in class***
CLASS ACTIVITY: A short sound healing session using crystal singing bowls will take place. 
-How Sounds affect us Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually
-Basic science behind Sound and Frequencies. Common metaphysical uses of Sound.
-Covering the many different instruments that are commonly used in Sound Healing.
-Specific Sound techniques and demonstrations, including Voice, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, Shakers, Rattles, Drums, Gongs, Chimes and Tone Generators
-How to properly use/play/maintain your Sound instruments. Please bring any singing bowls/striker, rattles or drums to the class as we will have “hands on” practice.
-How to incorporate Sound into your everyday life, including meditations and using Sound to manifest specific intentions or goals such as increasing personal prosperity, protection, health and building relationships.
-How to balance Chakra’s and Auras using Sound
PRESENTED BY: Sandra McLeish

Wednesday 8/29 Basic & Advanced Healing Techniques 5:30-7pm $20 (Mari)

Join our Psychic Medium Healer Mari for a basic and advanced healing class!
Class will cover both hands on and remote skills providing an overview of different techniques such as Quantum Touch, Reiki One, and others. 
You will learn also learn basic pendulum dowsing for health. 
This is a great class to find out if you have potential as a hands on healer, and you will leave with a good understanding of how to help people feel better!

Students MUST pre-register & pay for all classes in advance. Space is limited!
Cancelations within 48 hours will receive a refund. Cancelations within 24 hours will only receive a refund if your space can be filled. 
No refunds for No Shows.
A $1.00 service fee will be added to all transactions booked on this site to offset the fees charged by paypal. 
Customers may call the store directly to charge by phone and avoid this fee. 253-572-8339