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Current Classes & Workshops
At Crescent Moon Gifts, we offer classes and workshops on a variety of topics. 
Our instructors are professional, friendly and knowledgeable; our classes are designed for both beginner and advanced students alike. To register, just click the button next to your desired class!
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 If you'd like to teach a class please send a description, cost, and date or day of the week preferred to

We will then check our schedule, and get back to you regarding availability.
Tuesday 8/2 Intro to Hoodoo- Egg Cleansing 5:30-6:30pm $10
Join Lorianna for an introduction to the Southern folk magic practice of Hoodoo.  
Egg cleansing is an ancient form of ridding the body of negative conditions. Class offers 
hands on demonstration & training!

Thursday 8/4 Intro to Candle Magic 5:30-6:30pm $10
 This workshop will focus specifically on candle magic- 
 How to use a candle to help manifest your desires! 
 Which color candle to use for what purpose, how to 'dress' your candle, how to 
'charge' your candle, using herbs, oils & stones in conjunction with candles and more!

Tuesday 8/9 Working with Fairies- Bottle Make & Take 5:30-6:30pm $15
Join Lorianna La Muse as she explores the world of the fey and create a personalized bottle enchantment to attract and appease the beings we call fairies. Class fee includes all supplies​.

Thursday 8/11 Eat to Live vs. Live to Eat- Energetics of food 6:00pm FREE
Miss Rafelia takes a whimsical look at who we are, how we eat and why. 
This is an introductory class that will look at the energy of the food we eat and how to 
avoid the pitfalls of a poor lifestyle of eating. 
 This FREE talk is sponsored by Rejuvenating Sensations (Visit them here upstairs in office #2)

Tuesday 8/16 Magical Smudge Wand Make & Take 5:30-6:30pm $15
Join Lorianna La Muse for this magical explosion of sage!
 This class offers training on how to make & use an herbal smudge wand for magical purposes. 
Each participant will create 3 smudge sticks to use at home. Class fee includes all supplies.​

Thursday 8/18 Intro to Tarot- What it is (Where, Why) & How it works  5:30-6:30pm $10
Great for those who are brand new to tarot, Angela will cover the basics of tarot from it's
 origin to it's practical use as a divination tool today. 
 You will learn the difference between tarot and oracle cards, how to choose a deck, and will be 
provided with a brief overview of the suits, numerical correspondence and Celtic cross layout.

Friday 8/19 Intro to Chakras 5:30-6:30pm $10
What is a chakra?
 How to you balance it? 
 Where is it located? 
 How can you tell if it's blocked? 
 What are the colors and stones associated with it?
 Learn all this and more in out Intro to Chakras class!
 You'll learn how to bring more joy, confidence, creativity into your life just by tapping into
your body's personal energy centers.

Tuesday 8/23 Dreams & Visions Bath Salt Make & Take 5:30-6:30pm $15
Join Lorianna for an introduction to the Southern folk magic practice of Hoodoo. 
Learn how to use the various tools such as herbs, roots, oils and stones to create your own 
 Each class in this series is a make & take, with hands on/step by step instruction, you will 
leave with something you can immediately use! Class fee includes all supplies.

Thursday 8/25 Tarot- Major Arcana 5:30-7pm $15
Angela will take you on the journey of the fool through the storytelling of the major 
arcana of the tarot. We will explore in depth the significance of each individual card as well
as the progression and relationship to the cards as a whole.
Please bring your cards if you have a set, if not there will be some on hand to examine.

Tuesday 8/30 Norse Myths & Legends 5:30-6:30pm $10
In this class hosted by Lorianna La Muse, we will explore the core mythos of the North. 
Delving into the history to understand how the evolution occurred, retelling of stories and 
legends including the Norse creation myths of Hel, the 9 worlds, Ygdrassil and the Gods of lore.

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