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Current Classes & Workshops
At Crescent Moon Gifts, we offer classes and workshops on a variety of topics. 
Our instructors are professional, friendly and knowledgeable; our classes are designed for both beginner and advanced students alike.

To register, just click the button next to your desired class!
 If you'd like to teach a class please send a description, cost, and date or day of the week preferred to
We will then check our schedule, and get back to you regarding availability.

Tuesday 1/3 Personal Power Oil Make & Take 5:30pm $15

Lorianna will help you create a signature blend of essential oils to enhance your personal power, these will then be added to a carrier oil and bottled for take home use. You can wear your oil, add it to your bath, incorporate it into your spellwork, or just use it as your very own custom perfume! All supplies are included.

Friday 1/6 Norse Magic Series-Runes 5:00pm $15

Runes, Elder Futhark, Process of making your own, Study, Practice, Bind Runes, Purpose, Creation, Weaving Intent

Tuesday 1/10 Road Opener Candle Make & Take 5:30pm $15

With this classic Southern style candle dressing to help clear out any obstacles blocks holding you back from success. You will prepare 3 candles to help get 2017 started off right. Class fee includes all supplies.

Friday 1/13 Norse Magic Series- Chants 5:00pm $15

Galdr, Chants, Calls, Blessings, Harmony, Drums and Rhythm

Friday 1/13 Monthly Drum Circle 6:30pm-7:15pm $2
Friday 1/13 Monthly Pagan Meetup 7:30-9:30pm $2 Topic- TBA

Sunday 1/15 Psychic Faire 12-5pm 3/$30 10 min. special,
1-4 pm $30 spirit board readings- appt. required

Sunday 1/15 Heathenry Q & A 1pm FREE
Are you curious about Asatru or Heathenry in general? Need a starting point?
Every 3rd Sunday Patricia Cowan will be hosting a free open Q & A on the Northern religion. 
This is a chance to meet with fellow Heathens and learn about local kindreds in the area.

Tuesday 1/17 Crystal Bottle for Luck, Health & Well Being- Make & Take 5:30pm $15

Join Lorianna for an introduction to the Southern folk magic practice of Hoodoo. Learn how to unlock the power of crystals for drawing luck, health, wealth and wellbeing. Come and learn what crystals can attract healing and balance.
In this class you will learn how to cleanse , charge and use different crystals. Participants are encouraged to bring stones from home. We will also build a crystal bottle spell in class.

Friday 1/20 Norse Magic Series- Rituals 5:00pm $15

Sacred Spaces, Indoor and Outdoor, Preparations, Owning it all, Consecration and 
Blessings of the Gods and Goddesses, Rituals and Rites, Blots, Thangs, Ve, Personal

Saturday 1/21 Dragon Drawings- Custom Portrait of YOUR Dragon by Rob Carlos 11am-5pm 
$50 B/W-80 Color, and up

Tuesday 1/24 Luck Bath Salt Make & Take 5:30pm $15

At this make & take Lorianna will help you blend a specialty bath salt for luck in
 the new year. Class fee includes all supplies.

Friday 1/27 Norse Magic Series- Pathworking 5:00pm $15

Trance work, Path working, Shadow working, Dream weaving, Meditation, Group 
and Public, Preparation to Celebration, Kinship within Community

Tuesday 1/31 Sugar/Honey Jar Make & Take 5:30pm $15

Join Lorianna for an introduction to the Southern folk magic practice of Hoodoo. Learn how to use the various tools such as herbs, roots, oils and stones to create your own magic. Each class in this series is a make & take, with hands on/step by step instruction, you will leave with something you can immediately use! This month learn how to "sweeten" a relationship or someone's opinion about you or a situation. Class fee includes all supplies.
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